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New Kiev '41 Kickstarter Edition

Product no.: K41KS

In the summer of 1941, the German Army Group South - aided by the Axis Satellite Armies - was tasked to attack Kiev and the Ukraine, defeat the Soviet best equipped and trained units, and then advance toward the Crimea, Rostov and the Caucasus...

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New Everything Kiev '41 Plus

Product no.: K41E

Following on from their success, VentoNuovo now present Kiev '41, which will cover the Southern front and complete the trilogy.

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New K41 PLUS Pack Upgrade

Product no.: K41P

Improve your game experience!

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New K41 Mounted Map

Product no.: K41MM

The Mounted Map for “Kiev '41” offers the top experience for your gaming sessions.

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New K41 UberTex Map

Product no.: K41GM

Printed on a high quality waterproof PPE canvas, the  Kiev ‘41 Gortex Map

is 44% larger than the one included in the Game Box.

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New K41 History Bundle

Product no.: K41HB


  • History Commentary
  • Naked Map (64x88cm)
  • Designer’s & Strategy Notes
30.00 *
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New K41 Extra Blocks

Product no.: K41EB

The ideal companion for your second (and even the third!) set of stickers.

16x16x8 mm (red and black).

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New K41 Stickering Service

Product no.: K41S
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New K41 Designer's Stickers

Product no.: K41DS

This gorgeous set shows the units through the “Designer’s point of view”,

with extra historical details and innovative fashion graphic.

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New K41 Icon Stickers

Product no.: K41IS

The Icon Edition Stickers offers you the chrome gaming experience

you were looking for, showing icons instead of symbols.

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