STALINGRAD: Inferno on the Volga



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New Stalingrad UberTex Map

Product no.: S011

The New Stalingrad UberTex Map is much larger than the original, and offeres a high detailed view of the city buildings and streets. 105x75 cm, printed on waterproof frame.

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New Stalingrad: Inferno on the Volga KS

Product no.: S01

In the summer of 1942, the German spareheads reached the Volga, and the city of Stalingrad became the last redoubt against the invader. And the the theater of the most decisive battle of WWII.

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New Everything Stalingrad Plus: Inferno on the Volga

Product no.: S02

Stalingrad: Inferno on The Volga recreates one of the most bloody and epic battles of World War II.  Four different game modes are provided, including a complete solitaire system that challenges the player to overcome a tenacious Soviet (AI) defense.

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Stalingrad PLUS Pack Upgrade

Product no.: S03
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Stalingrad Designer Stickers

Product no.: S04



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Stalingrad Icon Stickers

Product no.: S05
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Stalingrad Extra Blocks

Product no.: S06
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Stalingrad History Bundle

Product no.: S07
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New Stalingrad Collector's Edition Map

Product no.: S08
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Stalingrad Mounted Map

Product no.: S09
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Stalingrad Stickering Service

Product no.: S10
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Product no.: 8GB
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