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In August, the game has been funded on Kickstarter!



The BLITZ UBERTEX Map is available for preorder @20% discount! Ships in May



The UberTex Map is the ultimate creation of our design team. Emphasizing every detail, it depicts the area of operations at 600dpi instead of the standard 300dpi.

Color depth is verified with modern color control systems to increase contrast, readability, and pleasure to the eyes.


The map beautifully illustrates the area of operations from Berlin in the west to Stalingrad to the east, from Finland in the north to Persia in the south.



The UberTex Map is 200% larger (124x86cm) than the Mounted Map included in the game and it is printed on an exclusive waterproof and self-extinguishing Polypropylene canvas.


Note how the Map Legenda (spelled in Latin to honor Joseph Jean François, count de Ferraris, the father of modern military topography) stands out on the PPI cavnvas.



The UberTex Map is included in the EVERYTHING Blitz in the East.  



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