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With the Chrome Expansion 2.0 of BLOCKS IN THE EAST, expert players may add more historical details, expand the replay value and explore existing historical scenarios.

Version 2.0 has an additional set of stickers (NATO Edition) and a brand new packaging.


The 12 Event Cards and the 37 new Combat Units introduce new historical events and details to increase the historical flavour. Plastic Factories, Wooden Cubes and Flag Stickers allow enhanced Axis Minors’ Production Protocol. Also includes 30 new redesigned Oil Barrels.


• N° 12 Special Event Cards

• N° 30 16x16x8 mm wooden blocks

• N° 1 blue wooden disc

• N° 8 plastic factories

• N° 12 8x8x8 mm wooden cubes

• N° 20 plastic black drums

• N° 10 plastic white drums

• N° 59 PVC stickers Icon Edition

• N° 24 PVC stickers NATO Edition

• N° 1 Rules Manual



The 12 cards introduce new historical events players can choose to add to increase the level of historical detail and flavour. Before the game starts, players must agree on how many and which cards to put in play.
Each card has a number of "Chrome Spheres," from 1 (the event is historical, but not added to the original game) to 2 (the event is not historical but could well have happened if something had worked differently) and on up to 3 (the event might have happened, but it is a bit of a stretch).

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