Barbarossa Trilogy

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Relive the Barbarossa Campaign with these new big bundle that Includes the three games (Moscow '41 KS, Leningrad '41 KS and Kiev'41 KSand all the unlocked Stretch Goals.

With Moscow '41 and Leningrad '41, VentoNuovo established their successful foray into Operation Barbarossa, covering the Central and Northern fronts of this immense invasion. Following on from their success, VentoNuovo now present Kiev '41, which will cover the Southern front and complete the trilogy.


Map: 1:1.000.000 (1cm = 10km)
Unit Size: Axis Corps/Divisions; Soviet Armies/Corps/Divisions
Time: 1 Turn = 1 Month
Players: 2 players, with excellent solitaire suitability

A game lasts  > 40 minutes


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