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With Moscow '41 and Leningrad '41, VentoNuovo established their successful foray into Operation Barbarossa, covering the Central and Northern fronts of this immense invasion. Following on from their success, VentoNuovo now present Kiev '41, which will cover the Southern front and complete the trilogy.

Players take either the German or Soviet Union forces and use colourful wooden blocks to simulate the forces involved.

Kiev '41 uses the same basic game engine of Moscow '41, with a few tweaks and changes to suit the differing conditions in the south.

In this sector the best equipped Soviet units faced a mix of German and Axis satellites' formations. It was then no surprise that Kiev held out for three months and that Hitler had to fatefully divert Guderian from Moscow to break the stiff Soviet resistance along the Dnieper. It ended in the largest encirclement in history, but not in the decisive victory Germany was calling for.

Kiev '41 is a war game covering the offensive of Army Group South to capture the Ukraine, the Donbass, the Crimea and the Caucasus. Even if, of the three Army Groups, von Runsdedt’s was the one charged with accomplishing the most ambitious goals, it was the one that came closest to achieving its objectives. Although using historical Orders of Battle and challenges, players can make their own choices to change history!

Kiev'41 uses “Headquarters” units and an “impulse” system to smoothly introduce both Command and Control within the limitations that the armies of the day had on just how much moving and fighting they could do. While the German player is the primary attacker, the Soviet player is always able to look for a chance of a good counterattack and can actually win the game early. Variable set­up and reinforcements mean no two games are alike.

Map: 1:1.000.000 (1cm = 10km)
Unit Size: Axis Corps/Divisions; Soviet Armies/Corps/Divisions
Time: 1 Turn = 1 Month
Players: 2 players, with excellent solitaire suitability          

A game lasts  > 40 minutes

What ever we have for this amazing game is included in this big package. 


  • One copy of Kiev '41 + all unlocked Stretch Goals
  • Designer’s Edition Stickers
  • Icon Edition Stickers
  • Two sets of Extra Blocks
  • History Bundle
  • Mounted Map
  • Gortex Map
  • Designer’s Signature
  • PLUS Pack.

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