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BLITZ IN THE EAST portrays the Russian Front at the strategic level.


In August, the game - with Rules in three Languages - has been successfully funded on Kickstarter!



BLITZ IN THE EAST  is now available for preorder @20% discount!  Ships in May



  • One 84x62cm large mounted mapboard
  • 65 18x18mm 2.5mm-thick historical unit counters with pre-rounded corners
  • 82 game markers 2.5mm-thick with pre-rounded corners
  • 28 Game Event Cards
  • Illustrated rules with many examples and four historical scenarios
  • Two Player Aid
  • Four Dice




After spectacular success in the West, Germany and its Axis partners turned East in June 1941 and launched the greatest land invasion in history against the Soviet Union. The goal of Operation Barbarossa was to decisively defeat the Soviet Union in a short lightning campaign before the onset of winter.

During the early stages of the campaign, the Wehrmacht caught the Soviet forces completely unprepared and had advanced its armored spearheads across the Dnepr in only a few short weeks. By mid-October, the Axis invasion appeared unstoppable and on the verge of ultimate success.

Unfortunately for the Wehrmacht, the time for a decisive victory had run out with the arrival of Russia’s notorious muddy season and the worst winter in a century. Despite suffering catastrophic losses over four months, the Soviet military was finally able to regroup and halt the invaders at the gates of Moscow. The Axis would never come so close to victory again and the initiative would slowly fall from its grasp.

As the Axis, can you do better and seize Moscow before the snow falls?




"The game engine is the strength of BLITZ IN THE EAST, as it is new, easy, and incorporates all of the historical campaign’s main themes. You will not have the feeling of playing "another" Russian front game" says designer Emanuele Santandrea.

VNG developers have created a brand new engine for this game that is both easy to learn and hard to master. The base rules are minimal in length with many designer notes, examples, and beautiful graphics. Several optional rules and the Scorched Earth Expansion also add more historical flavor and complexity for more seasoned wargamers.


General Attrition innovatively accounts for the campaign’s day-to-day grind and impact on future operations.



Detailed Logistics and production accurately represent the heavy cost of offensive operations and unit recovery. 


Event Cards realistically simulate various internal and external influences on the campaign. 


The base game, with clearly defined concepts, minimal rules length, and numerous examples, allows novice wargamers to quickly learn and play.

Veteran wargamers can also enjoy a more complex experience via several optional rules and the Scorched Earth Expansion.


The Scorched Earth Expansion is included in the EVERYTHING Blitz in the East and it is also available as an optional item in the store.




The Mounted Map is the ultimate creation of our design team. Emphasizing every detail, it depicts the area of operations at 1200dpi instead of the standard 300dpi.

Color depth is verified with modern color control systems to increase contrast, readability, and pleasure to the eyes.



The map beautifully illustrates the area of operations from Berlin in the west to Stalingrad to the east, from Finland in the north to Persia in the south.



The Mounted Map included in the game is 84x62cm, but if you want a larger one, then we can offer the UberTex Map that is 200% larger (124x86cm) than the Mounted Map and printed on an exclusive waterproof and self-extinguisher Polypropylene canvas.

The UberTex Map is included in the EVERYTHING Blitz in the East and it is also available as an optional item in the store.


 Note how the Map Legenda (spelled in Latin to honor Joseph Jean François, count de Ferraris, the father of modern military topography) stands out on the PPI canvas.




The punchboard has been created at 1200dpi to highlight each detail.  


There are also more than 60 game markers to assist game play.


The 65 counters represent the Armies/Fronts involved in the campaign and are 2.5mm thick, 18x18mm wide, and pre-rounded.


Icons-01 Silhouette-01 

There are also two alternative Counters (Icons and Silhouette) available and they are both included in the EVERYTHING Blitz in the East.




BLITZ IN THE EAST is not a card driven game, but rather one that is Card Enhanced, Event cards provide for a wide range of effects, from improving combat performance to enabling plausible "what ifs".

Each card is 88x63mm and efficiently displays its effect with simple and large icons instead of tiny lines of unreadable text.





The rules manual is efficiently structured and minimal in length to allow players to quickly jump in and start enjoying the game. 

Numerous designer notes, examples, and graphics have been included to provide historical context and reinforce the understanding of key concepts. This has been made possible thanks to the innovative game engine that plays you through the game without the need of dozens of rules and hundreds of exceptions.


"Length and exceptions are a way to estimate the mental effort behind a functionally working engine." says Emanuele Santandrea. In other words, simple is better if it works!





Each turn is two months. The game offers scenarios and a campaign to relive the struggle from June 1941 till December 1945 (or earlier).

For proficient players, each turn takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. So, a scenario can be played in an afternoon. For campaign play, assume an afternoon and evening is required to complete.


German panzers are really powerful and can punch a hole in the line. But it is infantry that holds the line. Germany cannot win this war without help from her allies. "We are a small company and dedicate attention to Minor Countries." says Emanuele Santandrea.





The Strategy Guide provides players extra hints and analysis about the game and the best stratgeies to counter almost each situation that may emerge during gameplay.

The Historical Commentary written by the British author Paul Comben adds insights and provides a modern outlook on the most famous campaign of WW2. 



Want to learn the game with the Designer? Check the Video Tutorials on Youtube!







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