Dark Black - Expansion for Black Swan

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BLACK SWAN is the new block wargame covering WWII in Europe from 1939 to 1945. 



DARK BLACK is the Expansion for BLACK SWAN.



In February 2024, it has been over quadruple founded on Kickstarter. It is now available on Late Pledge for shipping in May 2024



The Dark Black Expansion adds diplomacy to influence neutral Countries and allows players to attack almost any neutral.

The Stretch Goals added new units, such as Wunderwaffen, Italian Special Forces and more.





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/WebRoot/StoreIT5/Shops/15417/MediaGallery/Black_Swan/Black_Swan_Rules_Manual_FInal_abb_Living_Rules_1.04_web.pdf After Action Report 

32 Questions answered by the Designer Talking with Kevin Sharp

Playing with Filip Labarque Talking with Michel Sorbet 

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