Terms and Conditions

General Business Conditions

ALL Products on this page are not allowed for sale to people younger than 14 years.

§ 1 Area of Application, Customer Information

The following general business conditions regulate the contract relationship between VentoNuovo Games (VNG), and customers who buy goods via the VNG Online shop.

§ 2 Conclusion of Contract

The offers via Internet are a non committal request to you to order goods. After submitting your Data and by clicking the order button you submit a binding offer to a sales contract. We are entitled to accept your offer within one day by submitting a confirmation e-mail. If there is not confirmation after the time limit specified in sentence your offer is counted as rejected. In other words you are no longer committed to your offer.

§ 3 Customer Information: Saving your Order Data

Your order with details about the contract (like kind of products, pricing etc.) will be saved by us. You can access the General Business Conditions after conclusion of contract anytime via our webpage.
As registered customer you can access your submitted orders via the customer LogIn-area (your account).

§ 4 Customer Information: Hints for Correction

Your data entry can be corrected anytime before concluding the order by using the delete button. On your way through the ordering process there may be additional information about further correction options. The order process can be cancelled anytime by closing the browser window.

§ 5 Back Shipping Costs in Case of a Return

In case of a return you need to pay the costs for the return shipment, if the delivered goods are according to the ordered goods and if the price of the returned goods is not more than 40.- Euro or if the price was higher, if you didn't make a payment or partial payment for the delivered goods, yet. You have to carry the reguar costs of the return, only. If there are additional costs, for example because we changed our location of business or because we ask for the use of a more expensive shipping service, these costs will be carried by us. The customer returning goods is responsible and has to carry the cost if the goods are damaged when returned.

§ 6 Guarantee

Guarantees are warranted according to the laws of Italy.


§ 7 Shipping

VNG charges standard shipping fees (usually Fedex). VNG freight conditions (see Shipping and Charges) apply.

§ 8 Payment transactions: VNG accepts payments only in Euro. Accepted payment methods are money transfer, credit card (VISA and Mastercard), PayPal. For some of those payment methods we charge additional fees. 

§ 9 Payment terms: Payments (debit) for items that are available are charged when the items are shipped. For security reasons, payments by PayPal or Credit Card are charged instantly when making the order. No payment data is stored by our shop.

Preoders can take up to three years before they are actually released and can be shipped.

§ 10 Delayed payments: We will not ship new orders as long as the customer has unpaid payments.

§ 11 Damaged or missing components

VNG maintains replacement parts for our games and, in case parts are missing, provides free replacements  within 30 days of receipt of the game. After that, VNG can still provide replacements with your contribution to help defray shipping and handling costs: 15€ for EC, 20 for UK, Switzerland and North America, 50€ for the rest of the world.

There are no free replacements for second hand games, or for games bougth from other sources.


$ 12 Terms of Withdrawal

You can revoke your contract statement without stating the reasons in either text form (e.g., letter, fax, E-mail) or by return of the article within 14 days;

Exception for preorder items: usual right of withdrawal does not apply to preorder items. The customer and VNG enter the following contract regarding preorder items: The customer gets the special preorder discount. In return, the customer waives his usual right of withdrawal. The term of withdrawal for those items ends when the item is passing for press by the publisher.

Payments by Credit Card can not be refunded to the Credit Cards. Those refunds have to be made with a different payment method. Please contact us in such a case.