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In December of 1940, when Hitler made the decision to invade Russia and set the date for the middle of 1941, he was confident that the Soviet regime would collapse under an uncompromising assault. Initially, the operation - codenamed Barbarossa - succeeded beyond Hitler's wildest dreams. Within a day, the Russian Air Force was destroyed on the ground, then vast inroads were made on all fronts accompanied by large scale surrenders of encircled Russian troops. 

Four Weeks after the commencement of Barbarossa, Hitler visited the HeadQuarters of Army Group North. The Führer's were dutifully noted in the army groups' war diary, and culminated in the following observation "... the loss of Leningrad might result in a complete collapse" 

LENINGRAD ‘41 is a wargame covering the German Army Group North offensive aimed to seize Leningrad.
Although based on a historical event, the two players can modify the course of the operations, with the German player trying to achieve a decisive victory before the winter comes, and the Soviet player playing a fighting withdrawal, while waiting for Reinforcements and until ready to strike a decisive blow at the invaders.
The game is recommended for two players, but has excellent solitaire suitability.


 1 heavy stock Mapboard 86 x 62 cm

- 32 Pages Rules Manual

- 142 PVC Standard Stickers (2 replacements sticker for Moscow '41)

- 2 Rules Summary and Player Aids

- 2 Order of Battles/Scenario Setup Aids

- 109 Combat Units 

- 1 Marat Battleship 

- 8 Luftwaffe Bombers

- 83 Wooden Markers


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