Blocks in Europe Bundle

Blocks in Europe Bundle

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The BLOCKS IN EUROPE Bundle includes the three games and all the six Card Decks to play all the 20 scenarios,  the four Combined Scenarios (7 turns long) and the 1939 Campaign (77 turns long).

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  • Blocks in the East
  • Blocks in the West
  • Blocks in Afrika
  • BITE Card Deck
  • BITW Card Deck
  • BIA Card Deck
  • Early War Card Deck
  • Middle War Card Deck
  • Late War Card Deck


  • 1941: Barbarossa
  • 1942: Axis Hype
  • 1943: Tiebreak
  • 1944: Downfall

WW2 Campaign:

  • 1939: from Danzig to Hell
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